With you, I am home…

homeOnce I got engaged, I knew it would not be long until I was ready to put my house up on the market. In fact, one of my Christmas presents from Brody was a “For Sale” sign to put in my front yard. Just a slight hint he was ready for me to get the ball rolling.

As excited, as I am to move in with him and the girls I am not excited about the whole moving process. Having two dogs (who shed quite a bit) make it very difficult to keep the house “show” ready at all times. Working full time and keeping up with the kid’s activities this was definitely not something I wanted to add to my agenda just for the pure purpose that it was going to be a lot of work and hard to maintain a “perfect” mess free house.

Brody and I had decided to try to sell my home for sale by owner. Homes in my neighborhood seem to go on the market and sell rather quickly so we thought this seemed like the best way to go and financially for us it made the most sense. We decided that we would try to list it early to mid-March, the weather would be a little nicer (hopefully) and people would be interested in getting out and searching for a new home. My next steps were to get my house in order and “show” ready. It is amazing how much shit you accumulate over the years. When I moved into my house almost 3 years ago, I hardly had anything, now I have more stuff then I know what to do with. Seriously, where did it all come from? I am starting to think I may have a shopping problem. Haha! I started to put away most of my Knick-knacks and cleared off counter tops. Once you do that, you realize how much of the stuff you put away you really don’t need or miss. When your house has less clutter it really does make you feel better, more productive and makes your house feel and look so much cleaner. The next BIG agenda item on my list was to tackle my closet or should I say closets. Of course, this took longer than I thought; again, the question kept going through my head “when the hell did I get so much stuff?” I decided to divide my clothes into piles, items to keep, sell and donate. I actually took this approach as I am starting to pack up my whole house and it has really helped. I was able to move a bunch of clothes over to Brody’s already so that eliminated at least one closet, notice I said one. I am embarrassed to admit I have four closets if you count my coat closet. Hello, my name is Tara and I have a shopping problem. There I admitted it, that is the first step right? J

As I was getting my house “show” ready, I got a call from my neighbor who let me know his brother was interested in looking at my house. He was moving from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and would love to be in the neighborhood. I scheduled a time for him and his fiancé to come look at my place to decide if it was something they would be interested in buying. The best news… they ended up purchasing it! It could not have worked out any better and I really believe it was all a grace of God that made this process so smooth. They are even interested in purchasing some of my furniture that I am selling so that is one less burden to worry about. With the help of my fabulous realtor Jen Stanbrough, we were able to come to an agreement on price and get the paper work drawn up in a short amount of time. I am so lucky to have a great team of people to help me out during this process including Brody, my parents, and Jen..

Our closing date has been set for April 7th. With a little over a month away, I have a TON to do. I don’t feel too overwhelmed, well, at least not yet. Even though I am excited to move in with Brody and the girls into our beautiful home, it is still a little bittersweet for me. My current house has been such a blessing to me and I have taken such great pride in it. It was my first home, my walls of comfort when I was going through a rough time and my safe space. I was also neighbors with my brother and his wife whom I will miss living so close too. While, I will miss so many things about my current house, I know a house is only a house and what make it a “home” is the people you share it with.  As long as I have Brody, the girls and the dogs I am home. Now on to finish packing….Cheers!


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Tara Lynn Harms is a lifestyle blogger from Iowa. Tara Lynn created her blog as a way to share her personal story about life after 40 and all the adventures that come a long with it. Her blog is a mixed bag of posts about her blended family, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, fitness and healthy living, travel and everyday life. She recently was married to her husband Brody and gained two beautiful stepdaughters. She is the proud owner of two English Bulldogs. Follow along with her as she documents her life after 40. Feel free to contact her with any questions or collaborations.

One thought on “With you, I am home…

  1. As kathy said, another winner! I think everyone reading yr blogs can relate in one way or another! U have a way of making us all laugh at our life’s and tributes! it will all get done as organized as u are!


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