Kiss my thirties goodbye…


Tomorrow I turn forty. A decade is ending and new one is about to begin. I have had mixed emotions about turning forty, but I am trying to embrace this new journey and all the wonderful things that lay ahead. When reflecting back on my thirties I have had a lot good and bad times with many lessons learned. I thought I would share a few of the big moments and lessons that stood out for me along the way. So, here we go!

In my thirties, I have said goodbye to an old love and hello to my future husband. I became the proud owner of two beautiful bulldogs, but sadly had to say goodbye to my beloved Riley. I have shed many tears but also had so many laughs. I have had the opportunity to travel to many amazing places. I have attended several concerts, so many I have lost track. I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite country singers, LeAnn Rimes. I watched my baby brother get married to the love of his life. I gained a sister in law. I survived a surgery. I have enjoyed countless days relaxing on my parents boat. I have said goodbye to Grandparents and friends who have passed. I have made new friends who I now consider family. I have learned that adult friendships require effort and time. I reestablished my relationship with God and have continued to watch it grow. I have watched my friends get married and have babies. I have sat with friends as they have gone through divorce and hard times. I have learned therapy is a blessing, and I don’t just mean retail therapy. I have remained at my current job and continue to increase my knowledge on the products we sell. I graduated from Leadership Iowa, which introduced me to so many wonderful people and experiences. I traveled to El Salvador to help with mission work. I gained two beautiful little girls who will become my bonus daughters. I have had my heart broken. I have learned to love again even deeper than I thought I could. I have lived in three different homes. I have changed my hair color a few times. I have learned to make exercise a habit; and realized that you will be happier and healthier as a result. I have learned that I like a clean house and things to be organized but that sometimes life is messy and that is ok. I have gone from crazy nights on town to enjoying nights in. I have learned a drama free life and boring life is actually a good thing. I have realized the older I get the harder it is to bounce back from a hangover. I have attended several Iowa Hawkeye football games and even watched them have an undefeated season and make it to the Rose Bowl.  I went on many adventures that took me out of my comfort zone. I realized how important loyalty and trust are to me. I have learned how important it is to be grateful and to not take things for granted. I have been in debt, gotten rid of debt, been in debt again and now finally have gotten rid of it for good. I have discovered my love for a good dirty martini. I got engaged. I have learned how important it is to spend time with your parents; you never know how long you will have. I have learned to slow down. I have learned that not everything in life needs to happen in the order in which we think it should. I have learned to love myself.

In my thirties, I have grown up; leaving my wild twenties behind and now, I am ready to take on my forties with an open mind and full heart. I feel blessed to have many “firsts” coming my way and I can already tell this decade is going to start out wonderful. So, it is time to kiss my thirties goodbye, thank you for the memories, the lessons, the experiences and the adventures. Now it is time to start fresh, now it is game time! With my glass of champagne in hand, I can finally say cheers to turning forty!

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Tara Lynn Harms is a lifestyle blogger from Iowa. Tara Lynn created her blog as a way to share her personal story about life after 40 and all the adventures that come a long with it. Her blog is a mixed bag of posts about her blended family, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, fitness and healthy living, travel and everyday life. She recently was married to her husband Brody and gained two beautiful stepdaughters. She is the proud owner of two English Bulldogs. Follow along with her as she documents her life after 40. Feel free to contact her with any questions or collaborations.

One thought on “Kiss my thirties goodbye…

  1. This was the best yet. Wish we could all sit back and realize the wonderful things happening in our lives. You make it seem so easy but also remind us of our blessings! Made me cry again!! Lv mom


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