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Happy New Year my friends! Welcome to my new weekly blog post called “Tuesdays with Tara Lynn”. Every Tuesday a new post will be up on the blog.  This is one of my goals for 2018, and I can’t wait to share more with you each week.  Speaking of goals, did anyone set brand new goals for 2018?

I love the idea of a brand new year; you have a clean slate to set goals and the strategies to accomplish them.  As 2017 started to end, my 2018 goals were already spinning around in my head.  Even though it is almost the end of January, I have still been working on setting my goals.  I have put a lot of thought into my goals.  I really wanted to think through them, to focus on areas where I wanted to improve and grow.  This year I not only have personal and professional goals I wanted to set, but I also have goals to set with my husband.  Since this will be our first full year together as a married couple, I wanted to make sure we set goals that focused on our specific areas of our life together.

For me, the first step in creating goals is writing them down.  I am a visual person and having goals written out is my key to being accountable for each goal I/we wanted to set.  Step one was purchasing two journals for my husband and I to each write our goals down in.  I purchased two cute journals from Etsy for us to each set our personal and relationship goals in.


Step two, was to purchase a life planner. While I tend to keep track of all my appointments and meetings electronically, I always feel a greater satisfaction when I am able to cross something off my list and mark it as done. Again being a visual person, I feel a sense of gratification when I see my month planned out on paper.  I purchased my life planner from Erin Condren and let me tell you this planner is the definition of AMAZING!   If you have not checked out her planners, you need too!  On her website, you are able to customize your life planner from the front cover to the layout and design.  I also purchased some additional inserts for my planner like a budget and meal trackers.   I think my favorite part was picking out the cover and being able to have my new married name engraved across the front in rose gold.  Really it is the little things in life that bring me so much joy!  She also sells journals, teacher lesson planners, stationary, office supplies and more.




To start, I focused on my personal goals first.  I did this because I knew some of my personal goals would spill over into the goals I wanted to set with my husband.  I narrowed down my goals into eight different categories.  They are:

  1. Family goals
  2. Relationship goals
  3. Faith goals
  4. Professional goals
  5. Friendship goals
  6. Finance goals
  7. Self-Improvement goals
  8. Home goals

After creating each category, I listed underneath a few goals I wanted to accomplish within each one. Even though I could have written several goals under each one, I wanted to limit the number of goals I set within each category.  I did not want to set myself up for failure before even beginning.

As I mentioned, my goals with my husband are very similar to my personal goals.   We narrowed down our goals into the following categories:

  1. Family goals
  2. Relationship goals
  3. Goals for the Girls
  4. Faith goals
  5. Finance goals
  6. Home goals
  7. Health goals

Just as I did above, under each category we listed out our goals we want to accomplish in 2018.  This was something that was fun to do together and really helped us look ahead in the year and plan on what we wanted to achieve or work toward.  This was a great relationship building exercise, I highly recommend doing it with your spouse or partner.

Writing out goals for myself and with my husband has made me excited and look forward to this brand new year.  There is a lot we can do together as a team, a family and individually.   My theme for the year is “Less Clutter, More Calm” which applies not only to clutter in the house, but also to my thoughts, feelings, health, work and relationships.

Also in 2018, be on the look for some big changes coming to the blog in the upcoming months.  One of them, which I started today and mentioned above, is a weekly blog post called “Tuesdays with Tara Lynn”. I know I have said it before but I am making it a priority to blog more. Each week I am going to carve out time to let my creative energy flow and share my thoughts and life with you. Of course, my goal is to post more than once a week, but for now, I am going to designate one day a week.  I also have some other ideas up my sleeve, so keep watching for new content.  You can also follow me on my Instagram page for photos and Instastories.  Follow me at @taralynnharms

Before I go I thought I would share a recent photo of my family, including the pups. Cheers to a brand new year, new dreams and a fresh new start!

View More: http://lifeartphotographs.pass.us/tarabrody

Photo credit to Laura Beekmann Photography & Films

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Tara Lynn Harms is a lifestyle blogger from Iowa. Tara Lynn created her blog as a way to share her personal story about life after 40 and all the adventures that come a long with it. Her blog is a mixed bag of posts about her blended family, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, fitness and healthy living, travel and everyday life. She recently was married to her husband Brody and gained two beautiful stepdaughters. She is the proud owner of two English Bulldogs. Follow along with her as she documents her life after 40. Feel free to contact her with any questions or collaborations.

2 thoughts on “Goal Digger

  1. The energy you show and excitement for the new year is inspiring. Reading all you plan to do makes me so proud as a mother. If you accomplish half of your goals you should be proud of yourself. Thanks for taking the time out of yr busy day to help direct others into getting the most out of their lives. Love you, mom


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