Valentine’s Day


Happy Tuesday Friends!  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day; do you have any special plans?  As I sat down with my cup of coffee to start writing this post I started thinking about all the different ways people celebrate Valentine’s Day.  This is no longer a holiday that just applies to people in a relationships.  People celebrate Valentine’s Day in many different ways.  Maybe it is a night out with your best girlfriends also known as Galentines Day.  It might be a night celebrating with your kids.  Maybe it is a night out with your someone special, or it might be a night dedicated to “self” love where you treat yourself to a Mani, pedi, and end the night on the couch with your pets and your favorite Netflix series or book.  It might be getting together with the guys for a few beers or to watch the game.  Since Valentine’s Day falls on Ash Wednesday maybe, you are spending it in God’s house with your church family.  You might be spending it with your parents, brothers and sisters.  Maybe, Valentine’s Day is just another day and you do not have anything planned.  Whatever stage you are at in your life, I hope you can embrace it and have fun.


As a child, I loved Valentine’s Day.  It always so fun to get creative and make Valentine Boxes to take to school, to pick out your Valentine cards to hand out to your classmates and of course my Mom always gave my brother and I the best Valentine’s Day baskets.  Back then, there was no pressure surrounding Valentine’s Day; it was all fun, happy and innocent.

As I got older the focus seemed to revolve more around if you had a boyfriend or girlfriend.  I remember feeling sad when I would see other girls at school get flowers delivered from their boyfriends or by someone who had a crush on them.  When you see that and you do not receive them, it can make you feel depressed and sad.   Even when I was in a relationship, the hype around this day made it worse.  I had boyfriends completely forget the holiday.  I am still not sure how this happens when it is the same day every year and basically Valentine’s Day is splattered in every store. I actually had one boyfriend that when I gave him his card and gift, his response back to me “Wow, I didn’t get you anything, I can run down to the gas station and pick something up for you if you want.”  This really happened.  I cannot make this shit up.  I didn’t care about the gift, it was more the point.  He hadn’t put any thought into and actually forgot the whole thing.  Offering to run to a gas station to pick up a card for me was hardly my idea of romantic.

I had years where I was single.  Some of those single years were fun planning a night out with my best girls or staying in with my pups.  I will not lie; some of those single years were lonely.  Even though I have only shared a few Valentine’s Day with my husband, he always finds ways to make them special and has yet to forget the holiday or offer to run down to the gas station to grab me a card that he forgot.  We talked and agreed to not get each other gifts this year, just a card. (The card is always my favorite part)  Instead we will turn the focus on each other a celebrating our love by just spending time with each other, something that is not always easy to do with our schedules.  We also have the girls on V-day, so we will to something special as a family.  Last year I taped a bunch of cut out hearts on their bedroom door.  Each heart had something I loved about them.  Parker still has the hearts from last year on her dresser. I wish I could say I was that creative but I definitely did not come up with that idea by myself.  I either found it on Pinterest or saw it posted on Facebook by a friend.


Photo Credit: Laura Beekmann Photography & Film

One thing I am going to do this Valentine’s Day is focus on more “self” love.  I think this is so important.  I have not always been good at this but I am learning to take the time to give myself a little extra love each day.  Whether that is by looking in the mirror and giving myself gratitude, taking a hot bubble bath, making time to work out, to watch my favorite TV show, to read, to work on my blog or to get that Mani, pedi, I am making the time to do it and love myself.  Loving on yourself is important.  I encourage you all to do the same.


Photo Credit: Laura Beekmann Photography & Film

I hope you get to spend Valentine’s Day doing exactly what you want.  Sending you all a lot of love!


Tara Lynn


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Tara Lynn Harms is a lifestyle blogger from Iowa. Tara Lynn created her blog as a way to share her personal story about life after 40 and all the adventures that come a long with it. Her blog is a mixed bag of posts about her blended family, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, fitness and healthy living, travel and everyday life. She recently was married to her husband Brody and gained two beautiful stepdaughters. She is the proud owner of two English Bulldogs. Follow along with her as she documents her life after 40. Feel free to contact her with any questions or collaborations.

One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Now I feel bad that I didn’t make you a valentines basket!! Glad you remembered it as a wonderful memory all in making you become the thoughtful bonous mom you are! When your brother and you got married I decided it was time for me to let them have this holiday with your spouses and hope you know my Love is still there as strong.
    Beautifully written and I remember the gas station story, his loss.
    Love my valentine girl, mom


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