Five Favorite Beauty Products

Happy Tuesday friends!  Welcome back to Tuesday’s with Tara Lynn.  I apologize for not posting last week, I do not have an excuse except for life is messy, I was under the weather and my creative side was just not there. The good news is I am back this week and I am talking about a few of my favorite beauty products. When I first started following some of my favorite bloggers, I loved learning about their favorite beauty products.  I have to admit, I am a bit of a beauty junkie.  I love makeup, skin care and hair products.  If one of my favorite bloggers, friends or a celebrity recommends a product, I tend to purchase it and try it out.  I thought I would share a few of my favorite beauty products with you. The products below have slowly become part of my daily beauty routine and definitely ones I cannot live without.

 Sunday Riley Good Genes

Martina, my makeup artist for my wedding, first introduced me to this product.  She has a wealth of knowledge on all the latest and greatest beauty products out there so I trusted her when she said this was a must have.  Let me just say this stuff has been a game changer in my skin care routine. Good Genes is an All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment.  I use this product every other day and it helps with fine lines, plumps my skin, makes it instantly feel smoother and helps with wrinkles.  I also use it whenever I randomly get a blemish, and it helps clear it up right away.  This product does not dry out your skin, only helps you achieve a healthier looking complexion.  Since it does contain Lactic Acid, it may irritate sensitive skin, so I would recommend using a thin layer to begin with.  It does tingle a little when you apply it, but I have not had any problems with it, I have only seen great results.  If you want to add on to this product, try the Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil.  These two together are dubbed as the “Power Couple”.   I was hesitant to apply oil to my face at first, but adding it on after I apply Good Genes at night, works wonders as you sleep.  It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, dryness and skin dullness.  In addition, it leaves my skin feeling so smooth.  Both these products landed on my favorite list, especially Good Genes!


 Urban Decay Makeup All Nighter Setting Spray

One of my all-time cannot live without favorite beauty products is Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray.  I use it every day to set my makeup.  I also use it on my eye shadow brushes when applying shadow to my lids to make it stay longer.  Seriously, your makeup will not move once you spray this bad boy on.  This spray helps keep your makeup looking fresh for 12 hours.  I have worked all day, and then headed to a work out class at Orange Theory Fitness, where I definitely work up a sweat, and when I leave my makeup still looks good.  Again, this is another game changer for me.  This is one of Urban Decay’s best-selling items, and I understand why.  It is suitable for all skin types and keeps your skin looking smoother while keeping your makeup in place all day or all night.


Living Proof Shampoo, Conditioner and Dry Shampoo

I was recently introduced to Living Proof by my friend and eyelash extension extraordinaire Jillian Fanning.  I was looking for a Shampoo and Conditioner that would not weigh down my thin hair.  She suggested Living Proof “Full” Shampoo and Conditioner.  It is gentle enough to use every day if you would like too and it helps flat hair to look, and feel fuller and thicker.  Not to mention the products smell great.  I find my stepdaughters sneaking in our shower and taking both these products because they love the smell and the way it makes their hair feel.   These products continue to amaze me each time I use them.  My hair feels soft yet strong.  The products do not weigh down your hair; they leave it feeling clean, and full of body.  The ‘Full” Shampoo and Conditioner has now become part of my weekly routine.   Living Proof also has a dry shampoo called the “Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo”.  For those of you like me that do not wash their hair every day, you are constantly on a mission to find the ultimate dry shampoo.  Well, you can stop looking because I found it for you.  This is the holy grail of Dry Shampoos.  Not only does it absorb the oil, sweat and odor in your hair, it leaves your hair feeling clean, smelling great while also adding more volume.  Unlike some dry shampoos, it does not leave a white residue so it is perfect for all hair colors.  My only compliant would be the price point, it is not terribly expensive, but I tend to go through my bottles rather quickly so it can add up.  However, I am willing to pay a little extra for something that works so well on my hair.

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Mizani Curl Enhancing Lotion

Mizani Curl Enhancing Lotion is one of those products I stumbled upon through social media.  I came across a picture of Khloe Kardashian after she had cut her hair to a shorter length. (See photo from Khloe’s Instagram below) I loved everything about her hair in this picture especially her curls.  In her caption below her photo, she listed out the products they used on her hair and the curl enhancing lotion was one of them.  I had never heard of this brand but I figured hell, if Khloe was using it on her hair, it must be good.  To my surprise, it was not very expensive.  I fell in love with this lotion as soon as it arrived.  What I love about this product is it leaves my curls looking natural and frizz free without the crunch like other curl enhancing lotions.  It still holds the shape of my curl with the added bounce.  I squeeze about a dime size amount in my hair and just run my hands through my curls.  It leaves my curls looking smooth and hydrated without any crunch or flakiness.  This product also lasts a long time, I find myself having to purchase another bottled every 3 to 4 months.  This is definitely one of my favorite finds on social media!


LipSense Lip gloss

My stepdaughter came home with a new lip gloss she gotten from her Mom.  Karsyn knows how much I love all beauty products, so she told me to try it.  She said I promise it does not come off.  I have tried several lipstick and lip-glosses that swear to stay on no matter what.  If they did stay on, they were cakey or ended up flaking off.  I never found one I loved until now.  LipSense lip glosses are my new favorite and I wear them every day!  After borrowing my step daughters lip gloss for a few days to make sure it really was all the things she said it was, I quickly made a call to her Mom to have her order me two colors and the gloss.  I purchased two of the liquid lip stains and then the clear gloss to go over it.  The three products together cost me about 70 dollars but it was well worth it in my eyes.  LipSense is waterproof and does not kiss off, smear off, rub off, or budge off! The best thing is it does not dry out your lips. In fact, it helps to restore the moisture content of your lips when used properly. LipSense Liquid Lip Color can last anywhere between 4 and 18 hours. I recently went to the dentist first thing in the morning and had applied LipSense before I went in. The dental hygienist apologized ahead of time saying she was sorry if she messed up or smeared my lipstick while she was cleaning my teeth.  Much to her surprise, my lipstick and gloss did not budge throughout the entire teeth cleaning.  She just kept saying, “I can’t believe your lipstick is still on.”   I knew I had found a winner after that experience.  When you first apply the lip stain it can sting a little bit, some people say they do not like that effect, but it does not bother me.  I apply my favorite shade of lip stain (Sheer Berry) to my lips, and let it dry.  You do not want to rub your lips together while drying; this did take some getting used to at first.  Once it is dry, you apply the clear gloss over it and you are all set.  I do tend to touch my lips up throughout the day if needed or at least reapply the gloss.  Since the day, I received these lip stains they have been a staple in my makeup routine and what I am wearing daily.


Those are just a few of my beauty products, I have many more but those made it in the top five.  What are some of your favorite beauty products?

 Cheers until next week!

 Tara Lynn

 Please note: The reviews above are all based on my opinions and are not paid advertisement. I am not affiliated with any brands above.


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  1. Thank you for all yr good advice! If I was 20 yrs younger I would get all 5 products’ am interested in the urban decay setting spray. It’s always good to hear someone’s opinion of a product before trying! Beautiful writing as always! Lv, mom


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